Performance Enhancement Package

Optimize purchases and restrict unauthorized applications.

Software licenses can claim a substantial portion of your IT budget. But licenses that lay dormant after being deployed are a waste of funds and software. By tracking the usage of your software assets and removing software that sits unused by end users, you can avoid overspending and purchase only what is being utilized.

Using macGuardian, you can track installed software easily and automatically, reclaiming licenses and reducing software budgets. macGuardian provides a historical log of any software that has been opened and used in the foreground. This information can be utilized to uninstall software from computers where it is not being used—so you can learn if that end user required the entire Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, or if they really just needed Adobe Photoshop.

You can not only monitor software usage, but also set restrictions on what is allowed in your organization to prevent the use of illegal or unauthorized software. Restricted software settings remove applications and notify you when violations occur. These restrictions are active whether the computer is on or off the network, offering you an omnipresent way of enforcing organizational policies.

Knowledge is valuable—with usage monitoring, macGuardian puts valuable information to work and offers your organization a powerful way to save money.

Key Features

Key Differentiators

Software usage monitoring of end users over time Usage reporting of licensed software titles
Recording of software that is running in the foreground or background Usage defined by User, Group, Department, Location or LDAP group
Usage reporting per machine Unused licenses via policy reclamation
Usage reporting of licensed Software titles
Usage defined by User, Group, Department, Location or LDAP group
Usage reporting over defined periods of time
Unused licenses via policy reclamation
Usage restriction of unauthorized applications