Performance Enhancement Package

No more wild Macs.

When it comes to technology, ignorance is not always bliss—at least, not in the long run. End users are often unaware that installing unlicensed software or fonts can open potentially crippling liabilities for your organization, so you should know when and where it’s happening. macGuardian makes this possible by managing serial numbers and purchasing information, meaning you’re always in tune with your environment.

You can use macGuardian to actively monitor how many licenses of each application are deployed on your networks and schedule notifications whenever overages occur. macGuardian‘s built-in software templates help easily create licensed software records that define applications in common software suites.

macGuardian provides efficiency in routine audits, tracking of multiple serial numbers for each record, and the ability to attach purchasing documentation. With macGuardian, you can finally tame your wild Macs. Now, that’s bliss.

Key Features

Key Differentiators

Email notifications on changes Email notifications on changes
Custom reporting framework Over 50 licensed software templates
Software license tracking
Purchasing information tracking
Web-based reporting
Over 50 licensed software templates