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Configuring the Mac OS for Secure Environments.

As Enterprise businesses increasingly adopt Mac OS computers, regulatory compliance has grown in importance on the platform. While Windows system administrators have long had a variety of solutions from which to choose, the Mac system admin faces a lack of mature tools that Alert, Report and Remediate Control Objectives. macGuardian fills this gap by combining technologies that are native to the platform (Mac OS) with a management framework that automates many of the processes.

The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) standard will dictate specific control objectives for all Macintosh computers used by the Federal Government. This much-anticipated specification will be based on Secure Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), a standard which many government agencies have adopted or are in the process of adopting. macGuardian provides a management framework which is flexible in its ability to report and remediate a broad variety of Control Objectives and compliance with multiple STIGs.

Guardiantek’s exposure to the process in which the STIGs were created has informed the creation of our Security Control Objective Checklist, detailing 103 of the most commonly requested controls. While the focus of our effort has been to meet the needs of our Federal clients, these same Control Objectives are common requirements in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Purchasing Card Industry (PCI) regulations that govern the actions of our Commercial customers.

Guardiantek continues to monitor the evolution and introduction of regulations affecting customers who use the Mac OS and will update macGuardian as new regulations are introduced, enabling our customers to remain in regulatory compliance.

Extension Attributes

Extension Attributes allow macGuardian to integrate with products from Apple and other third-party developers to report information about Control Objectives using Smart Groups and Alerting.

Managed Preferences (MCX)

Managed Preferences (MCX) from Apple and other third-party manufacturers can be used in conjunction with scripts to achieve manual or automated remediation. Using macGuardian‘s Smart Groups and Policy Engine, remediation can be delivered via Self Service, Policy Enforcement or during the Imaging process.

Custom Reporting Framework

Custom reports can be created to demonstrate ongoing and historical compliance with Control Objectives.

Configuring the Mac OS for Secure Environments

As part of our “Securing the Mac OS” solutions series, we explore techniques to increase the security of native technologies and further protect your enterprise. This solution explores techniques to further protect your enterprise using techniques including securing settings within Mac OS X, reporting on the status of security control objectives, alerting on failure and remediation in either a manual or automated fashion.