Performance Enhancement Package

Discussions of Mac OS X security often focus primarily on the aspects of defending a network against external intrusions and vulnerabilities. To complement malware protection, the inclusion of a comprehensive backup solution that ensures data integrity and restoration capabilities is an essential component of a healthy and secure Mac OS X environment.

Comprehensive security includes data protection and eliminating vulnerabilities that may be introduced through data loss, regardless of the location of machines. Automating the backup process allows IT administrators to quickly deliver and report on the status of their backups, ensuring compliance throughout the client management lifecyle.

Supported Backup Products

The Casper Suite integrates with and extends the functionality of numerous backup products from third-party developers. With each product, we have identified the ability of the Casper Suite to integrate and extend the baseline product offering with four additional capabilities: deploy, update, activate and report.

Data Protection and Backup using CrashPlan PRO

As part of our “Securing the Mac OS” solutions series, we explore techniques to increase the security of native technologies and further protect your enterprise using third-party software. This solution focuses on eliminating liabilities through continuous data protection and backup, and reporting on backup status alongside ongoing Client Management functions.