Performance Enhancement Package

One of the more challenging aspects of using anti-virus software in enterprise environments is the process of keeping virus definitions up to date. Using an automated process to track the availability of new virus definition updates and notify administrators automatically removes the uncertainty in this process.

Mac OS X is known for being extremely secure, a factor that is increasingly cited as one of the driving factors behind widespread adoption of the platform. With the growing popularity of the Apple platform, IT administrators need to be ever vigilant about reduction of vulnerabilities and protection of data. A comprehensive approach to security should include an anti-virus component and a method that allows for automated updates to keep pace with the rapidly changing presence of security threats.

Administrators using macGuardian can integrate with a variety of anti-virus and malware products to automate deployment and report on licensing and virus definition status. Using smart groups, administrators can be alerted about which machines require virus definition updates. Among other remediation methods, they can also update virus definitions automatically for many products.

Supported Anti-Virus Products

macGuardian integrates with and extends the functionality of numerous anti-virus products from third-party developers. With each product, we have identified the ability of macGuardian to integrate and extend the baseline product offering with four additional capabilities: deploy, update, activate and report.

Anti-virus protection using Norton® AntiVirus™

As part of our “Securing the Mac OS” solutions series, we explore techniques to increase the security of native technologies and further protect your enterprise using third-party software. This solution focuses on automating deployment of the Norton AntiVirus product using macGuardian, activating Norton AntiVirus on client machines, upating virus definitions using the LiveUpdate™ service, and reporting on licensing and virus definition information.