Performance Enhancement Package

The sensible approach to building and deploying images

Let’s face it, no one really looks forward to imaging projects. It’s understandable—most imaging tools are based on a monolithic approach that require building a huge base image, then duplicating it to accommodate each different configuration required by the organization. This approach results in many sizeable images that require both storage and continued maintenance. It’s no wonder imaging so often gets a bad rap.

But with the macGuardian, imaging isn’t so agonizing. Our modular approach provides you with a flexible, robust imaging process. You build your different configurations from a library of custom packages—reducing storage requirements, tracking changes, ensuring consistency, and eliminating post-imaging projects. Whether you need automated drive partitioning for dual-boot machines, imaging for large lab environments, or are mass deploying a fleet of Macs, macGuardian provides advanced capabilities for any type of imaging scenario. With simple snapshot or drag-and-drop package creation, macGuardian will ensure your imaging projects aren’t completely dreaded by your IT staff.

Key Features

Key Differentiators

Printer deployment during imaging process Automation of Directory Binding for Active Directory, Open Directory and third-party Active Directory utilities
Script execution during imaging process Pre-staged imaging for automated mass imaging
Dock Item deployment during imaging process Package-based imaging
Management Account creation with configuration
Set Computer Name
Fix ByHost files
Set Network Settings
Automation of Directory Binding for Active Directory, Open Directory and third party Active Directory utilities
Creation of User Environment packages
Processor detection and package assignment
Compiled configurations and Block Copies for faster imaging speeds
Automated re-imaging
Pre-staged imaging for automated mass imaging
Package-based imaging
Target Mode Imaging over Thunderbolt connection
Organization of packages into configurations
Smart configurations
Automated deployment of Boot Camp images
Creation of OS packages
Image creation from existing DMG image or with a clean Mac OS X Installer image
Native deployment of Adobe CS3, CS4, and CS5, CS6
Automated drive partitioning
Point-and-click package creation
Drag-and-drop package creation
Package building from pre-installed software
Ability to create signed, flat PKGs