Mobile Device Management

Send remote security commands to mobile devices from any web browser or iOS device.

iOSGuardian allows administrators to remotely manage iOS devices, providing a sense of comfort that a lost device does not mean that important data will be compromised.

IT administrators can rest assured that they will be able to conveniently send a remote lock, remote wipe or clear passcode command to iOS devices from a web browser. These security commands can also be sent to mobile devices from their own mobile device – wherever they may be.

Administrators also have the ability to require that users enable data encryption on their devices, and in the event that a device is lost or stolen, have the ability to quickly lock or wipe the document remotely.


Key Differentiators

Remotely wipe device Grant access to mobile device data
Emergency device lock Revoke access to mobile device data
Clear passcode remotely Securely remove data from compromised mobile devices
Require user to set passcode within defined time limit
Enforce complex passcode requirement