Mobile Device Management

Receive detailed device inventory reports

The iOS management capabilities in iOSGuardian include the ability to gather a full inventory of device information, installed apps, and settings from the same console used to gather inventory information for Mac OS X computers.

Thanks to iOSGuardian‘s deep integration with Apple technologies, administrators can easily reference purchasing and warranty information from Apple’s Global Service Exchange (GSX) database and populate user login information with LDAP.

Devices check in regularly (every 24 hours by default) to provide inventory information, which can be utilized in a variety of ways for configuration and compliance. All inventory criteria are fully searchable and can be used to scope management tasks, including using smart device groups to assign configuration profiles or alert administrators if devices are out of compliance.

The active inventory capabilities of iOSGuardian ensure that administrators are always aware of the current status of devices, with a plethora of options to remediate if devices fall out of compliance.



Key Differentiators


  • Update inventory information: directly from device, from iTunes
  • Inventory device
  • Populate user login information via LDAP
Integrates with Apple’s Global Service Exchange (GSX) service for purchasing and warranty information
Gather settings information:

  • Operating System
  • GUID
  • IMEI
  • MEID
  • Cellular Technology
  • Voice Enabled Roaming
  • Applications installed on device
Collect comprehensive data from devices, at customized intervals or on-demand
Gather device information:

  • Applications installed on device
  • Network details
  • Device information
  • Application detail
  • Query battery life
Gather installed in-house and App Store app inventory
Gather any inventory attribute (e.g. location, model, passcode settings, data encryption settings, etc.)
Dynamic Smart Mobile Device Group membership based on any inventory criteria
Alert on changes to Smart Mobile Device Group attributes
View inventory information from iPhone or iPad using JSS Mobile
Web-based interface that runs in Safari or any web browser