Mobile Device Management

Configure hundreds of Configuration Profile settings from within a web-based interface

iOSGuardian allows administrators to configure the entire range of Configuration Profile settings available on iOS devices, building Configuration Profiles or uploading Configuration Profiles previously created with the iPhone Configuration Utility.

Using a modular approach, administrators can build Configuration Profiles for iOS devices and apply settings to individual devices or using smart device groups.

Administrators have the ability to require that users enable data encryption on their devices, configure a wide range of settings and policies, and configure account access through integration with LDAP, all within the same console they use to manage their Macs.



Key Differentiators

Over-the-air (OTA) and SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) Enrollment Granular Configuration Profile management
iOS enrollment with Configurator Web-based configuration interface that runs in Safari or any web browser
Create iPhone Configuration Profile Use existing Configuration Profiles created using iPhone Configuration Utility
Upload iPhone Configuration Profile Save time with an effortless transition from Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility to full mobile device management with the Casper Suite
Download iPhone Configuration Profile onto a device Dynamically assign or revoke Configuration Profiles based on any inventory attribute (e.g. location, model, passcode settings, data encryption settings, etc.)
Apply iPhone Configuration Profile to a device Enforce complex passcode requirements
Remote configuration of profiles on device Over-the-air enrollment using SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol)
Configuration Profiles available for installation by end users via Self Service Tethered enrollment using iPhone Configuration Utility
Device acquisition handled by management invitation delivered via a choice of multiple methods: SMS, email, URL, tethered to iTunes Integrates with existing Certificate Authority (CA) and SCEP Server
VPN configuration Optional built-in CA and SCEP Server*
Wi-Fi and APN settings
APN settings
Mail and Exchange account settings
Secure certificates for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch trust relationships
Create and edit iPhone Configuration Profiles directly in the JSS
Require passcode
Require users to authenticate before using Self Service
Passcode settings – allow simple value, require alphanumeric value, passcode length, number of complex characters
Maximum passcode age
Time before auto-lock
Number of unique passcodes before reuse
Grace period for device lock
Number of failed attempts before wipe
Control Configuration Profile removal by user
Enforce data protection and encryption settings
Application installation
Camera usage
Screen capture
Automatic sync of mail accounts while roaming
Voice dialing when locked
Allow or restrict Siri
Allow diagnostic data to be sent to Apple
Certificates and identities
Web Clips